Good News for Online Gambling

Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act has gotten another boost with the co-sponsoring of Congressman George Miller. Miller has signed on according to a recent announcement, giving the bill a much needed boost.

Some are saying so what? that there are lots of sponsors on the bill already – but this one is a big one. Miller is the Chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, which is responsible for forming the policies of the Democratic Party. This is a huge step for the bill.

This means that there is a chance that the online gambling bill could become an official policy item of the Democratic Party and thus become a part of the official Democratic platform. These are all maybes but there is a chance that it could happen and if it does the ban on online gambling is bound to come to an end.

There had been rumblings according to insiders that said that there was some kind of big deal going on with Frank’s bill and that it was about to get another sponsor. However, few realized just who that sponsor would be or the kind of weight that they would bring with them to the online gambling cause.

This sort of movement towards legalizing online gambling is a great move for enthusiasts, not so great for those opposed to it. So remember, come voting time, get out there and support those candidates that are supporting the fight to get online gambling legal again.

888 Holdings, PLC, is pleased to release their fourth quarter financials, especially since they show a profit. In what many thought would be a bad year for the online gambling company, the company seems to have turned it around and is instead showing a nice profit instead. They say that their fourth quarter sales alone rose 55% from online gambling patrons.

Their sales went from $40.5 million last year to $62.8 million this year. They say that they started out the year much stronger than anticipated, and finished strong as well. The online gambling company is known by its other two large subsidiaries – Pacific Poker and Casino-on-Net and both online casinos are performing well.

The concern for the company was that this was to be their first year without income from the US. They were dependent solely on income from Europe and Asia, and it seems that it did not do them one bit of harm. In fact, without the US they actually turned a much bigger profit.

By partnering with other online gambling companies like Rank Group Plc and opening the best online casinos singapore, they completely turned their online gambling company around. They say that a lot of it had to do with their clients in that they fully embraced the online casino and played it often. They had 1.1 more registered accounts at the end of this year than they had last year, which just goes to show the strong sense of confidence that players have in the online casino.

With annual sales increasing and online casino membership increasing, it would seem that the company is in for a long and successful year to come as well.