Good News for Online Gambling

Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act has gotten another boost with the co-sponsoring of Congressman George Miller. Miller has signed on according to a recent announcement, giving the bill a much needed boost.

Some are saying so what? that there are lots of sponsors on the bill already – but this one is a big one. Miller is the Chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, which is responsible for forming the policies of the Democratic Party. This is a huge step for the bill.

This means that there is a chance that the online gambling bill could become an official policy item of the Democratic Party and thus become a part of the official Democratic platform. These are all maybes but there is a chance that it could happen and if it does the ban on online gambling is bound to come to an end.

There had been rumblings according to insiders that said that there was some kind of big deal going on with Frank’s bill and that it was about to get another sponsor. However, few realized just who that sponsor would be or the kind of weight that they would bring with them to the online gambling cause.

This sort of movement towards legalizing online gambling is a great move for enthusiasts, not so great for those opposed to it. So remember, come voting time, get out there and support those candidates that are supporting the fight to get online gambling legal again.

888 Holdings, PLC, is pleased to release their fourth quarter financials, especially since they show a profit. In what many thought would be a bad year for the online gambling company, the company seems to have turned it around and is instead showing a nice profit instead. They say that their fourth quarter sales alone rose 55% from online gambling patrons.

Their sales went from $40.5 million last year to $62.8 million this year. They say that they started out the year much stronger than anticipated, and finished strong as well. The online gambling company is known by its other two large subsidiaries – Pacific Poker and Casino-on-Net and both online casinos are performing well.

The concern for the company was that this was to be their first year without income from the US. They were dependent solely on income from Europe and Asia, and it seems that it did not do them one bit of harm. In fact, without the US they actually turned a much bigger profit.

By partnering with other online gambling companies like Rank Group Plc and opening the best online casinos singapore, they completely turned their online gambling company around. They say that a lot of it had to do with their clients in that they fully embraced the online casino and played it often. They had 1.1 more registered accounts at the end of this year than they had last year, which just goes to show the strong sense of confidence that players have in the online casino.

With annual sales increasing and online casino membership increasing, it would seem that the company is in for a long and successful year to come as well.

3 Free Winning Casino Gambling Tips!

In this article, I will share a few popular errors that people make when using casino gambling machine with you. Black jack cards to work there are several ways, such as selecting a calculation, or a loose slot machine.

Here are some tips:

Free winning casino gambling Tip # 1 – If you take away free drinks at the casino, you will end up losing more money than if you did not start with this. Alcohol will interfere with your sense of judgment and a practical choice bet. Do not fall for free drinks!

Free winning casino gambling Tip # 2 – If you want to truly have an advantage over the best online casinos, you must use the card calculated. Card counting is thus monitor the high card number, a technique using a blackjack game. You need to bet high when the deck is high card charges. Lower deck When you start to spit the card, you will need to lower bets.

Free winning casino gambling Tip # 3 – I have added smart way to garner a ton of cash is observed a roulette table and determine the progression betting patterns within certain bounds by concocting. Following the fourth loss, stop. Once all the roulette pays out 35: 1, if you can play one 0 tables, odds are a little small increase.

All in all, a variety of free win you can use to increase your advantage to win the game there is a casino gambling tips. Investigate each of the approaches available in order to win more cash from the casino. This must be the name of the game to bring cash, so take advantage of the operating system is redundant!

You are now free in casino gambling tips, you can reduce your losses and get a PDF report explode through the roof right now to win!

South African Casinos – Perfect assurance for genuine fun and entertainmen

Though Casinoslots SA games are winning the hearts of many people all over the world but the best craze for these games is seen especially in SA. Yes, millions of people here in SA are making their way towards poker chips not only for earning money in an easy way but also to gain genuine entertainment and fun. There are many SA casinos available where one can get in and enjoy playing their favorite casino game.

There are hundred casinos available in SA where one can choose to go to the casino nearer to their place or may be the one that they feel is convenient. However, games offered, rules and timings of each online casino may vary from one to another.

Not only offline way of playing but people now has access to SA casinos in online world as well. Not one or two but thousands of SA casinos are coming into existence in online world so as to reach the expectations of casino lovers by providing world-class entertaining variations in each gambling game. These online SA casinos are giving a best opportunity to the casino lovers to earn good amount of money without stepping out of their homes.

Though there are plenty of sports betting online offering wide range of gambling games to the players but all the casinos are not genuine because there are people who are making it a point to trap casino lovers by brining fraud sites into existence. Though it is quite to understand which casino is genuine and which is not but, it again not impossible. So, all that one need to do to make their way easy in knowing genuine and fraud sites is to read the reviews of the customers, software used, games offered and terms and conditions of each SA casino site.

Free Casino Online Sign Up Bonuses

Given the complicated character of the subject of casino online sign up deposit bonuses  it is not too much of a speculation to say that the things written here shall make it easier on you in the greater number of angles.
I`m positive you`ve wondered to yourself, why would I gamble online?
Unfortunately, most of us don`t have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas or other land-based gambling halls as often as we would prefer. That is why on-line casino gambling is such a huge success over the globe. Shortly I`ll attempt to summarize any benefits and drawbacks of online gambling – from my point of view.
The pros:
You get a complimentary gaming room website computer program for your computer with deposit bonuses.
The majority of gaming site brands will let you participate for amusement for as long as you choose.
You don`t need to tip anybody.
The majority of internet gambling room brands have recent as well as existing member complimentary money incentives.
You are able to gamble from your house or from the office – providing you`re allowed to, naturally.
Internet gambling hall betting regulations are frequently better on line than in actual brick and mortar gambling halls – the odds on on line gambling room are better online than offline.
There is extremely hard competition amongst more than one thousand five hundred various on line betting room brands available from which to choose. It is a corporate death fight between all the online gambling halls – the goal for all internet gambling room brands at the moment is to be the most successful at drawing new clientele as well as to keep existing users returning. It has turned the on line gambling business into a buyers market for the gamblers – users can shop around in new user free cash casino incentives, comps credit clubs, returning monthly complimentary cash casino incentives, voucher codes with exclusive promotions, reward raffles, deposit bonuses etc.
The less good information:
How will you really be certain that the internet gambling hall business is dealing a fair hand?
The major online betting hall software brands are huge companies – they can not endanger their credibility by not conducting a respectable game.
Most gambling hall systems have the payout percentages reviewed and audited by major bookkeeping firms monthly – we are typically referring to dependable accounting companies.
Negative feedback travels fast via the World Wide Web – and on line wagering room will plainly make more cash with conducting a respectable game and thus ensure users visit again.
You cannot receive the prize money immediately when you`ve earned some money. You will need to hold off for a check delivered to you by standard post or through courier, a electronic transfer or similar – depends at your choice. Nonetheless, you cannot obtain money right away as in Las Vegas or other real brick and mortar casinos.
Betting remains a relatively loose business – and one gambling hall has been found to cheat with their chances. The major companies actually have a valuable reputation and brand to protect.
I suggest the major internet wagering room brands with high deposit bonuses except if you have had another gambling hall recommended by people that you are able to rely upon. Now, simply think about what you are able to perform by means of the precious material about the problem of casino online sign up deposit bonuses that has been handed to you on a “silver platter” over the course of the treatise above.

How To Play Caribbean Poker Game

We hope that you end this play internet caribbean poker article having come across at least a small bit of new information concerning this topic. If so, then we`ve fulfilled our expectations.
Online Caribbean Poker is a style of the 5-card stud game of poker popularized aboard cruise liners carried by the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean. caribbian poker is a quick game, easy to comprehend and fun to engage in. You use the hand you are issued – there aren`t extra cards given in webcaribbeanpkr – and thus you don`t need to select what playing cards you want to retain. The gambler hands are pitted against the hand of the dealer, not with one another. You “ante up”, receive your hand and obtain a look of one of the dealer`s playing cards. You then hold the chance to fold or add to your bet to know if you have a higher hand than the card dealer`s hand.

A bettor begins a webcaribbeanpkr round through putting a starter gamble (“ante”) within the ante circle. Participants are distributed five playing cards facing up whereas the card dealer is issued 4 cards down and one up. Participants then review the hands and choose one of 2 options:
Fold – The virtualcaribbeanpoker play ends and the player forfeits his ante wager.
Continue play – The gamer puts another bet inside the Bet region. Known as the “Back Bet”, this is 2 times the amount of the ante wager.

The house`s hand is shown and compared to the player`s hand (if bettor`s hand remains in in the round). 

The dealer must qualify, nonetheless, with a hand containing AK or better. If the game dealer fails to qualify, the player receives 1 to 1 on the total gambled on the ante, and the Back Bet is a push (in other words, nothing is paid for the extra wager completed once the playing cards were dealt).

If the game dealer qualifies with an Ace-King or greater, and if the dealer`s hand is better than the bettor`s hand, then the gamer loses both bets (the ante and the Back Bet). In the event that the gambler`s hand is higher than the card dealer`s hand, the gambler receives 1 to 1 on the ante wager in addition to a supplemental amount bet on the Back Bet as indicated by the following table:

One Pair (2 playing cards of similar count) or below – 1:1
2 Pair ( 2 groups of 2 cards of the same face value) – 2:1
3 of a Kind (three cards of identical count) – 3:1
Straight (five cards in order) – 4-1
Flush (5 cards of one suit) – 5:1
Full House (three cards of identical face value and 2 playing cards of another face value) – 7:1
4 of a Kind (4 cards of one face value) – 20:1
Straight Flush (five cards all in sequence and one suit) – 50:1
Royal Flush ( Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of similar suit) – 100:1

In the case of a Draw, where a participant`s hand is of equal count as the dealer`s hand, the bets are a push (neither paid off nor collected).

Progressive jackpot:
carribeanpoker players can compete for the optional Progressive jackpot.
The Progressive jackpot wager is dollar for each hand. In order to bet, insert a $1.00 coin in the opening on the ante circle on any hand you choose to be entitled to a Progressive jackpot payoff.

Despite the outcome of the poker hand against the dealer, any bettor possessing a jackpot hand that has wagered the Progressive jackpot for the hand is paid a jackpot payout as indicated by this: Flush – 50 USD; Full House – 100 US$; Four of a Kind – 500 US$; Straight Flush – 10 percent of jackpot; Royal Flush – 100% of jackpot.

Should you desire to comprehend the concept of play internet caribean poker more in-depth, take a moment to think about what we`ve found out by now in the course of the study that has been presented before you.

Online Poker Tournament Strategy

The study bellow brings up the topics that those who deal with the issue of porker tournament tip have to handle on a daily basis, in order to support their effort to be more productive.

Playing according to a online poker method when starting a online poker virtual game is just as significant as the methods & goals you`ve set in your life. To be taken as a serious player when playing pokercardgame on the internet as in life, you have to look like you are focused as well as seem as if you are aware of what it is you are. 

1. If you`ve got bad cards in your card hand, quit the hand.

2. Do not pretend that you`re some expert webpoker bettor unless you have the bankroll to back you up. The pros agree that you are supposed to start with a minimum amount of fifty times the card table limit.

3. When the time comes and you`re in possession of the unbeatable hand make sure you force the gamblers pay off very much to see it.

4. The 1st 5/7 cards you receive will be the base of your pokercardgame on the internet hand. Shape your pokercardgame on the internet plan bade on these. You aren`t in most chances going to better your beginning hand of cards.

5. You`ll almost immediately discover who the solid computerpoker gamers are around the gaming table. As tempting as it is, make sure to keep from the temptation of attempting to beat them at the danger of losing sight of the other aspects of your gambling game. You`ll lose a lot of money in a case that you`re not fortunate. In case you are fortunate enough in order to profit, it`ll barely be worth the effort.

6. We`re talking about real pokergames on the web here, not video pokeronline, so keep in mind you are not attempting to impress the woman that gives out the change by receiving the highest hand. Your goal is to get a better hand than your competitors are holding. As everyone else is scared by your excellent play, the prize is yours.

7. Don`t forget this: when you can not defeat the other card hands, don`t go with them, fold & live to participate another time. The table will at all times be ready when you are.

8. Be patient & don`t allow yourself to play on tilt.

9. Don`t wager within a pokercardgame on the internet game that is too tough for you (competitors are much more experienced than you) and too expensive for your bank roll (if you aren`t able to bear to lose money, you cannot perform your greatest).

10. Don`t wed to a porker card hand. (You have to be able to throw your hand away if it is obviously beaten without accordance to how strong a hand you started with.)

11. Keep good notes.

12. Play when you`re content, not when you`re tired, sad, ticked off, bored, etc.. When you can not be enjoyable to game with, don`t participate!

13. To have a good netpoker method, a on line pokergames gambler should have a conscious or unconscious grasp of chances & what to expect.

14. An awful pokervirtual strategy is to participate in way too many hands. Almost all bettors participate in way too many card hands. You will gain more by quitting the hand more often.

15. As a part of your pokervirtual tactic, you may use the concept of pot odds to guide your bluffing.

16. The law of the jungle rules the cyber pokeronline game card table. The secret of gaining money time after time is to discover matches with players which play even worse than you do.

17. Play a betting game with which you are familiar. This should give you a chance to get used to pokercardgames online exclusive of feeling like you are drowning.

18. Grasp the dissimilarity between wagering in online internetpoker at the gambling site to gambling in net pokeronline on the Web. In the gaming hall, you will have to play more wisely against possibly better experienced competition.

19. In case you`re having a lousy time at the pokervirtual card tables, quit for a while. In fact, take breaks anyway only to stay concentrated and fed.

20. One of the better know cyberpoker tips is that you are supposed to at all times learn. The most excellent way to improve your card game is to learn as well as practice your skills within low-stakes card games.


The example cases presented throughout this page which is all about porker tournament tip shouldn`t be forgotten. If you have lost the recollection of a detail – get reacquainted with the text and later discover the forgotten material.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Poker

In this porker piece of writing, we hope to contribute to you some directions which this valuable branch of learning has to present to you.

The origin of online poker isn`t similar to the origin of the computing machines for which you could utterly find out whom, how and also when. You`ll overload your brain earlier than you find out how it all started.

At first, it appears very plain: Jonathan H. Green with his “cheating game”, that he reviewed in “An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling” (1843).

Warning: Green mentioned pokercardgames online in 1843, however present was additionally Joseph Crowell who reviewed identical betting game executed in 1829.

It is proved that internetpoker on the pc was well-liked at Mississippi ferryboats and also employed a box of twenty playing cards (A`s, K`s, Q`s, J`s and 10`s). Wagerers gamble on whose sequence was the greatest.

Existed different game named 3- Cards Monte, which was also quite popular among Mississippi gamblers.

Maybe Crowell was the 1st to mention the game, but Green was the first to call it pc online poker.

Yes, it`s pretty convenient to figure that it all started with Green. Nonetheless, if you want to get to the real origin you find so numerous theories that it becomes unbearable to select the true forefather of virtualpoker. We can just suppose. Let us examine the most popular theories:

1. The Chinese Hypothesis. Once upon a time Emperor Mu-tsung along with his spouse were having “domino cards” and one day it turned out to be computerpoker. In case you prefer the concept of the Chinese ancestor of porker, then accept this theory and cease browsing.

2. The Persian Theory. It presumes that the gambling game was introduced to New Orleans by Persian traders. The designation of the betting game was “As nas”. Doesn`t sound like onlinepoker virtualgame? Moreover to it, the deck included 25 cards in 5 suits.

3. The Indian Hypothesis. Even Indians were bettors! Their online internetpoker was known as Ganjifa.

4. The English Version. The Bragg (or Brag) betting game also can be the forerunner of net pokeronline. One of the arguments is that British Bragg involved bluffing.

5. The French Theory. The ones who arrived in New Orleans in 1840 knew a card game named Poque. That was the 1st account when a deck with four suits (spades, diamonds, clubs and also hearts) was applied.

6. The German Version. “Ich Poche!” – he said and tapped on the board. This is what characterizes the pochspiel. The better has 2 ways: either surrender or open by stating “Ich Poche!” and rapping on the board.

It`s clear that these gambling games brought a little to pokergames on the web. onlinepoker on net is a pochspiel, bragg, ganjifa and likewise poque all rolled together. Present are as well many arguments concerning the title of the gambling game, however these are not as important as disputes concerning the origin.

About the name. You identify two theories: French (Poque) and German (Pochspiel). The other title- origins might be pukka (funny Hindu phrase), poke ( phrase used by burglars), hocus-pocus ( magician phrase and likewise someone considers it probably wizards themselves?).

After all, it doesn`t matter where poker online game on the computer arrived from. The truth is that that`s the most common card game across the earth. Furthermore, the variants of net pokeronline we identify nowadays are not the last ones! Stay prepared!

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“Complete Champion” – A Rust Monster Review

Rust Monster brings you back to one of our original purposes, reviews of all things geeky; kicking off our series with a player’s review of the latest D&D supplement. Complete Champion.

To put the book in perspective I will begin with the general idea of the book. Taken from it’s official Wizards Of The Coast description.


“Complete Champion focuses on the divine champion archetype and provides new rules options for characters that enjoy battling for a cause, defeating foes using divine power, and going on quests that mean more than simply defeating the bad guy and grabbing the treasure. This book also helps Dungeon Masters run quest-themed campaigns and adventures.

In addition to providing various archetypes for characters, Complete Champion includes new feats and prestige classes. The book features dozens of deity- and belief-themed organizations, turning religion and holy (or unholy) power into something characters of all classes can use. For the Dungeon Master, this book contains information on constructing and running quests and holy missions. It assists the DM in helping all characters in the party to pursue divine paths simultaneously.”

The question is; DOES IT DELIVER? To start with I’d have to say yes it does. Though the first 4 books in the Complete series (Warrior, Divine, Arcane & Adventurer) concentrated mostly on expanded game mechanics, the most recent 3 (Scoundrel, Mage, & Champion) delve more into the archetypes themselves. They’re really more about the Role Play aspects of playing these types of characters, and suggesting ways you could mechanically build these characters or integrate their stories into your campaign.

I won’t even get into Complete Psion. I could do another article on juts why that book was a crock of shit. Yes it had some useful stuff in it but too much of it was repeat information or material that didn’t make it into the un-made Races of the Mind.

Back to the topic at hand, Champion as does it’s counterparts Scoundrel and Mage do a good job of laying out various common archetypes. You can occasionally nitpick at some of their choices for how to mechanically build a character of said archetype but for the most part they got it right. Or at least close enough. They’re a good tool for players and GM’s of any experience level to help them flesh out both their PC’s and their campaign world. The second set of complete books is very good in that second regard. Each bringing in ideas for developing NPC organizations to help you flesh out the backgrounds of the NPC’s and PC’s alike.

On the mechanics side Champion delivers pretty well. The middle 20 pages have a decent array of new feats, though nothing groundbreaking as with “Luck Feats” in scoundrel or “Reserve Feats” in Mage. They do include Domain feats, but these are not a new idea. simply re-thought ideas from previous books like Divine & the Book of Exalted Deeds. There are a few new reserve feats more suited to the divine archetypes than their previous reserve feats from Mage which were more in line with the arcanist role.

Those pages also include a group of prestige classes. Unfortunately most of these are tied into the Themed Organizations detailed in the book itself, making them less useful to already existing characters. If you’re about to start a new group you may find these classes very useful, especially if you’re about to make a themed group.

The spell section is nice, introducing a few new spells of each lvl for various divine classes. I for one always love new spells. Most spells always have a bit of use, even if limited.

Some would ask if this book was necessary. I’d say that depends on what you’re looking for. As a role play tool ‘d say yes. As I stated above it’s very good at sparking the creative juices. If on the other hand you were looking to up the power of your divine classes, this wasn’t a necessary book for you. The divine classes didn’t get a real “boost” with this book. They did pick up a few handy options but nothing earth shattering. This is a good thing considering the already formidable might of the divine classes to begin with.

The last question to answer is… will this be the last of the Complete Series, and thus a near wrap up of D&D 3.5. Will there be a supplement to cover warrior-esq archetypes? Do we even need one? Many would probably argue that the warrior archetypes are pretty well covered in and amongst the other books. We’ve shown you how to make a holly warrior, a roguish warrior, & a magic warrior. Is there room for a warrior, warrior? I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to do it.

Rather they do or not this pretty much wraps up 3.5 all they really need now is an errata book. One that wraps up all the lose ends. Answering all of those pesky rules questions that come up do to poor editing and play testing of some of the previous material. Unfortunately they did an errata book too early. Released BEFORE they completed the series. Not sure who’s brain fart that was. Why do an errata book before all the material was printed. Now you need a new errata book for the errata book. That’s just dumb.

Anyway to sum up complete Champion is a good edition to the expanded core rules. Building on the work done in the PHB I&II, DMG I&II, Monster Manual I-V, Races series, Complete series, & the environment books. These books I would consider expanded core and essential for the advanced D&D player groups ready to step out of the basic game. Go pick it up.

Review Of The User Interface In The Lord Of The Rings Game

  • Oh multi-tasking players! How targeting used to spite thee when playing with other windows. Now, closing windows with the mouse will no longer cause your target to be unselected.
  • The “loot roll zone” section of the UI is now moveable.
  • The Auction UI, Mail UI and Notary UI now hide with the rest of the UI when hitting the Hide UI button.
  • Confirmation dialogs will now be displayed when trying to
    • restore defaults in the Options UI.
    • map an action to a key which is already mapped.
  • Both Shift Keys are now labeled “Shift” in the Options UI.
  • You now receive a clearer error message when you join a fellowship if the chat server is down.
  • You can no longer queue up multiple actions on an item. i.e., you cannot queue up two dye kits on the same item. You’ll have to wait for the first one to finish.
  • Better error message when you click a fellowship skill too many times.
  • You can now bind the Auto Loot All (initially shift-right button) and Dressing Room (initially ctrl-left button) actions to any key or mouse button your heart desires.
  • Right clicking now activates quickslots (just like left clicking does).
  • If a pet skill can only be toggled, either mouse button will activate it. Correspondingly, if a pet skill can only be executed immediately, either button will execute it. If the skill can do either, left will execute immediately, right will toggle.
  • You can no longer use the /stuck command while traveling. You must dismount first.
  • No more sneaky mounting, where you could end up stealthed on your horse.
  • Only the ESC key will stop movies now. You’ll have to aim instead of mashing the keyboard now, son.
  • You’ll now get a warning that your skills are unusable and disabled when you begin interacting with a bard.
  • Hitting ‘ESC’ will stop playing theater movies.
  • You’ll get an error if you try to dye an item with the same color the item already is.
  • You will now see the in-combat and out-of-combat regeneration rates in the tooltip for each vital in your Character Journal.
  • Added a new UI component to show your queued skill and the global delay that must expire before it will execute. The new component will not be shown by default, but you can hide or show it via the “Show Skill Queue Display” option in the UI Settings panel.
  • Fixed a bug with the examination of some types of applied effects that was causing the wrong total duration to be displayed, e.g. “Falling Injuries” always showed a duration of 6 seconds regardless of the magnitude of the injuries.
  • Fixed error messages with some helpful skills that you aren’t allowed to use on yourself, e.g. the Lore-master’s “Beacon of Hope” and Minstrel’s “Song of Restoration.”
  • Fixed a bug with examination of some consumable items that was masking details about some of their effects, e.g. the Champion’s Horn.
  • Updated the descriptions used when examining some applied effects.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the character panel to show parry and/or block chance as N/A even when the player was eligible for those results.
  • The character journal will now show N/A for your Evade percentage when your chance to evade attacks is disabled for any reason.
  • Users can now specify sizes and positions for our UI elements
  • Logitech G15 users can read their Area without it being truncated.
  • There is a new floaty text option “Selection Name”. Now, when you select an entity, you can determine if you want the selected name to display. The selection reticle at the creature’s feet will display regardless of this setting. This new toggle is only available when the “Toggle Floating Names” toggle is set to “off”.
  • Added /time, which is now an alias of the existing /localtime command. This can be used to query what time it is locally.
  • Class Icon and Race info added to Character Journal Stats page.
  • Race has been added to the character panel.
  • When equipping an item, the tooltip will now refresh automatically if it needs to.
  • Added a fix to the Who UI to stop logged out players from showing up in list.
  • Equipping an item will now cause the current tooltip to refresh.
  • Shields are now shown in the item wear display.
  • Stablemasters that have not been discovered yet have new pulsing icons above their heads.
  • Added “Show surname” and “Show rank” options to title UI.
  • Added search filter for recipes in Craft UI.
  • Added tutorial hints for rest xp and item binding.
  • Option page default and revert buttons will now ghost out when nothing is changed.
  • Interacting with floaty text should now act the same as when you interact with the associated entity.
  • Added a range indicator on item skills.
  • Skill and trait entries that are higher rank than you are will now be greyed out until you meet the requirement.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause vertical quickslot bars along the right side of the screen to get pushed to the left when logging out and back in.
  • Fixed a stringtable error in the /inspect command
  • Quickslot backgrounds no longer disappear after dropping an item.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause option values on sliders not to save between logins.
  • Quickslot timers should be more visible under more circumstances.
  • Many of our examination tooltip strings have been updated to be more concise. For example, “Adds 10 to Might” now reads “+10 Might”.
  • Players can remove the new overlay more clearly when they hover over the skill icon in the skill tree.
  • The ignore list can now be reverse-sorted in the same way as the friends list.
  • Secure trades no longer require you to stand uncomfortably close to your trade partner.